Hospitals Management System

Registering patient data during entry

Registering companies data

Registering Doctors data

 Registering data of the way of calculating the doctors' dues

 Receiving the movements of doctors accounts from clinics and internal patients

 Tax expense of the medical profession

 Print envelope of payments doctors

 Registering suppliers data (pharmacy - stores)

 Registering partions data (cost centers)

 Registering the general rules of the external clinics( services – its prices)

 Registering the services that provided for each patient ,Printing the receipts to account them for the patient and recording them in the doctors and patients accounts

 Registering main service file for the hospital

 Registering medical data for patients (Diagnostics - medicine - surgery - analysis)

 Registering data of the provided service for the patient

 Extracting the patient's bill

 Registering movement of the items (spent – transfer – addition - resolvation) and record it for the internal patient account and the public accounts

 Registering prices data and validity date of the items

 Registering purchasing orders and its recalling

 Follow-up doing purchasing orders and consumption rates

 Registering suppliers payments

 Reports of the pharmacy:

Follow up the back items

Follow-up the validity dates

Follow up consumption rates of the items

Daily purchases

Follow-up items that have reached (the minimum – demand limit –the maximum)

The Items of each supplier separately

Finding out all the items of medicines and the requirement for every patient

Finding out the sections consumption from all sections

Reports and Statistics for doctors