Tab Integrated Solutions?

Provide best value to our customers through robust and reliable systems enhance our customers business operation and increase their profitability.    

Why Engaz Integrated Solutions?

Engaz established from the ground up to serve Arab users with unique needs as most of the international applications are having different variables and environment that are completely different from our local needs in the MENA region.    

High Quality Local Solutions

TAB achieve a vital rule in balancing between local needs and high quality standards that exist in international applications using state of the art technologies combined with best practice implementations achieved through years of experience and local market exposure.

SMS - School Management System


Main System

Registering  school data (Licensee - buildings –study  years - classes)
Registering all main data of students (Birth certificate data - Address data – parent data - social data – healthy data - ........)

 Make Reports about :

Count the number of students
Birth certificate data
Student data record
Records of classes follow-up
Public feasts
Religious feasts
A variety of correspondence

 Absence of students

Registering the absence easily
Ability to make alarms to absence (print statements and posters)
Follow-up the absence of the student in a period
Follow-up students without absence
Follow-up the absence of students over the different study years

Follow up complaints and behaviors

Determine the terms of students behavior to be followed-up (depending on each stage)

Registering students behavior in Different periods
Follow up student behavior in a certain time Classifying the complaints of parents to ease its following (Educational - administrative – behavioral- ….)

Registering the complaints of parents and following it
Viewing complaints during a specified period and knowing  its position(under treatment- treated – repetition of treatment )


Registering full database for study subjects for every study year and determining the small and Great finish for every subject
Determining the exams to be follow-up (Monthly - half year - end of year)
Registering students' grades for different exams
Issuing students certificates and results statements automatically

Make the order of students (the first – the second – the third -…..)
Follow-up the student level  in a certain subject
Follow-up the student level  over the study year
Follow-up the teacher throughout his students result

Library and Borrowing

Survey books data of the library and classify them
Entering daily borrowing
A statement of borrowed books in a period
Survey books which exceed  borrowing duration
Identify trends of students towards specific classification


Registering routes data and determining (supervisor – driver – car data)
Put participated students in every line
Follow-up students in payment the expenses of the car