Tab Integrated Solutions?

Provide best value to our customers through robust and reliable systems enhance our customers business operation and increase their profitability.    

Why Engaz Integrated Solutions?

Engaz established from the ground up to serve Arab users with unique needs as most of the international applications are having different variables and environment that are completely different from our local needs in the MENA region.    

High Quality Local Solutions

TAB achieve a vital rule in balancing between local needs and high quality standards that exist in international applications using state of the art technologies combined with best practice implementations achieved through years of experience and local market exposure.

Technical Support

Engaz Solutions  provide outstanding technical support services, we believe that reliable technical support and after sales services are the main asset that our customer acquire. We provide comprehensive training and knowledge transfer to our technical support and implementers, which enable them to serve the customer by responsive and qualitative manner.

This is done through the support of several channel

  1. Training, every system/module has a number of visits, which we see from our past experience, it is enough to cover all system functions by efficient way. BestTop system does not restrict the number of trainees per system.
  2. Remote support through the phone without any additional cost, we respond to customer inquiries and questions at any time during official working hours.
  3. Technical support visits, in case of support case need physical visit to customer site. We provide the solution during the same day for urgent problems, up to a maximum 2 working days for other problems.
  4. Support through the website, enable more convenient method for our customer by providing remote support via internet. We provide special pages on our website to view frequently asked questions and respond to them has also opened channels of communication with customers you can send many questions and will respond within 24 hours of sending.
  5. Support via user guide, we establish user guide contain all operation and functional details for our system, through user guide, you can get answers for many question, which may raise during system usage.

To provide more convenient service, we provide dedicated customer service function, covers the following:

  1. Receive customer orders and distribute it over relevant technical support, then follow-up order execution.
  2. Receives customer complains, we have controllable follow-up system to customer' requests, we monitor technical support response speed, we always struggling to improve response time and quality.
  3. Record of all events on CRM system dedicated to BTS support and help desk activities
  4. In periodical basis, BestTop systems makes a questionnaire concerning services quality and customer satisfaction level, we evaluate the services speed, quality and professionalism. We dealt with customer comments and defects by responsible way, aiming to provide better quality services.